Paper Submission

Thank you for submitting a manuscript to IEEE SSST 2012! Our online submission PaperCept site is:

Before you proceed to the PaperCept submission page, here are some tips to assist you in the procedure.

Final Paper Submission

  1. When you submit the final version, PDF version compatibility (1.6 or earlier) is required. We suggest that you use CutePDF to convert WORD to PDF since it is tested successfully already. Here is the link:

Paper Style

  1. Compliance with IEEE layout standards will not be enforced until final submissions of accepted manuscripts, but will be much easier if you use the IEEE’s MS Word (US letter) and LaTeX word processor templates for IEEE conference manuscripts. Also see PaperCept’s manuscripts preparation tips.
  2. To submit the actual manuscript, you must have your paper complete in a PDF file in two-column IEEE format (6-page, 2 Megabyte limit). You will be asked to upload your paper from your computer to the PaperCept database. Be sure your manuscript is ready for upload before proceeding to the Papercept manuscript submission page.
  3. Test your PDF manuscript file before submission in order to avoid potential problems due to font embedding. Just follow the link available in your PaperCept Access Page after having logged in.


  1. You will be asked for your PaperCept personal identification number (PIN) and Password to to submit contribution to SSST ’12. To obtain a PaperCept PIN, you must register and be assigned a PaperCept account. If you do not already have a PaperCept account, please go here and carefully follow the instructions.
  2. It is highly recommended that read first the Information for Authors for topics such as submission types, copyright and ethical issues, style of manuscripts and IEEE tools for authors, PDF file testing, paper length, and page charges.
  3. Along with your PIN and the number of authors, you will be asked for the Title and Abstract of your paper in ASCII text format. We recommend that you use a text editor to cut and paste this information into the requisite boxes.

Now, to proceed to the PaperCept SSST ’12 manuscript submission, please go here.

If you are facing any problems with the submission process, please contact us via