Program Schedule

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IEEE SSST 2012 Conference Program Schedule
Day 1 Sunday, 11 March 2012 Location
18:30 p.m.

– 20:00 p.m.
Reception at Courtyard By Marriott Kendall Town

9815 Lantern Street
Jacksonville, FL 32225
Courtyard By Marriott Kendall Town
Day 2 Monday, 12 March 2012 Location
8:30 a.m.

– 11:40 a.m.

Informal Discussions
Bldg. 50,

Room 1400
9:30 a.m.

– 9:40 a.m.
Chairs’ Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dr. Chiu Choi, University of North Florida
Dr. Jeffrey Fan, Florida International University
Bldg. 50,

Room 1202
9:40 a.m.

– 10:20 a.m.
Plenary Session – Keynote Speech

Topic: A Canonical Form for the Formulation and Solution of Multivariable, Optimal Energy-Harvesting Problems
Speaker: Dr. C. D. Johnson
Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
University of Alabama, Huntsville
Bldg. 50,

Room 1202
10:20 a.m.

– 10:40 a.m.
Coffee Break
10:40 a.m.

– 11:40 a.m.
SA-1 Parallel Paper Session – System Theory and Control I

Session chair: Dr. Ian Gravagne
10:40 Paper ID #43
  • Title: Application of Redundancy in Observability and Controllability towards Fault Tolerant System Design
  • Author: Benjamin Walker (Presenter) (USA)
11:00 Paper ID #33
  • Title: Time Scale-Based Observer Design for Battery State-Of-Charge Estimation
  • Authors: Ian Gravagne (Presenter), John Davis, Dylan Poulsen (USA)
11:20 Paper ID #28
  • Title: On the Stability of Mu-Varying Dynamic Equations on Stochastically Generated Time Scales
  • Authors: Dylan Poulsen (Presenter), John Davis, Ian Gravagne, Robert Marks (USA)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1402
SB-1 Parallel Paper Session – System Theory and Control II

Session chair: Dr. John Stensby
10:40 Paper ID #36
  • Title: Genetic Approach to Pole Placement in Linear State Space Systems
  • Authors: Arnold Cassell (Presenter), Chiu Choi (USA)
11:00 Paper ID #6
  • Title: PLL Bifurcation Analysis Viia Smooth Periodic Extension
  • Author: John Stensby (Presenter) (USA)
11:20 Paper ID #16
  • Title: Continuation of a Catalog of Explicit, Closed-Form Symbolic Expressions for the Dual-Kernel, Matric Convolution Integral for Some Simple Generic Examples in Discrete/Continuous Control Theory
  • Authors: Ashley Hunt (Presenter), C. D. Johnson (USA)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1404
SC-1 Parallel Paper Session – Nanotechnology Systems and Energy Systems

Session chair: Dr. Ron Pieper
10:40 Paper ID #47
  • Title: A Practical Model to Analytically Characterize the Polarization Hysteresis of Ferroelectric Capacitors
  • Authors: Bikash Shrestha (Presenter), Ron Pieper, Wudyalew Wondmagegn, Duo Mao, Israel Mejia, Harvey Stiegler, Bruce Gnade, Manuel Quevedo (USA)
11:00 Paper ID #49
  • Title: Observations on Frequency Sensitivity of Memristors
  • Authors: Swetha Gazabare (Presenter), Ron Pieper,Wudyalew Wondmagegn (USA)
11:20 Paper ID #59
  • Title: An Efficient Algorithm for Dual-Voltage Design without Need for Level Conversion
  • Authors: Mridula Allani (Presenter), Vishwani Agrawal (USA)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1406
11:45 a.m.

– 13:00 p.m.
Lunch at Student Union Building West, University of North Florida

Bldg. 58W, Room 3703
Bldg. 58W,

Room 3703
13:20 p.m.

– 15:00 p.m.

Informal Discussions
Bldg. 50,

Room 1400
13:20 p.m.

– 14:40 p.m.
SA-2 Parallel Paper Session  – Computer Engineering I

Session chair: Dr. Charles Castello
13:20 Paper ID #18
  • Title: Software-Hardware Co-Design for Video Coding Acceleration
  • Authors: Xinwei Niu, Luis Galarza (Presenter), Jeffrey Fan (USA)
13:40 Paper ID #66
  • Title: Near-Optimal Placement of Monitoring Wells for the Detection of Potential Contaminant Arrival in a Regional Aquifer at Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Authors: Charles Castello (Presenter), Mark Williamson, Kurt Gerdes, Dylan Harp, Velimir Vesselinov (USA)
14:00 Paper ID #42
  • Title: Random Number Generators Using Cellular Automata Implemented on FPGAs
  • Authors: Jonathan M. Comer, Juan Cerda, Chris Martinez, David Henry Hoe (Presenter) (USA)
14:20 Paper ID #62
  • Title: An Efficient Cluster Update Model in MANET
  • Authors: Dongsheng Chen, Alireza Babaei (Presenter), Prathima Agrawal (USA)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1402
SB-2 Parallel Paper Session – Signal and Image Processing I

Session chair: Dr. Chris Karlgaard
13:20 Paper ID #34
  • Title: Efficient FPGA Implementation of Steerable Gaussian Smoothers
  • Authors: Arjun Kumar Joginipelly (Presenter), Alvaro Varela, Remy Schott, Zachary Fitzsimmons, Dimitrios Charalampidis (USA)
13:40 Paper ID #32
  • Title: Median Filter on FPGAs
  • Authors: Madhuri Gundam (Presenter), Dimitrios Charalampidis (USA)
14:00 Paper ID #64
  • Title: FPGA Implementation of Graph Cut Based Image Thresholding
  • Authors: Dimitrios Charalampidis, Arjun Kumar Joginipelly, Joseph Anderson, Madhuri Gundam (Presenter) (USA)
14:20 Paper ID #13
  • Title: Enhancement of Stereoscopic Depth Estimation by the Use of Motion Information
  • Authors: Sandra Liliana Cancino-Suárez (Presenter), Krzysztof Klimaszewski, Olgierd Stankiewicz, Marek Domanski (Colombia)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1404
SC-2 Parallel Paper Session – Robotics I

Session chair: Dr. Asad Davari
13:20 Paper ID #29
  • Title: Robot Operating Systems: Bridging the Gap between Human and Robot
  • Authors: John Kerr (Presenter), Kevin Nickels (USA)
13:40 Paper ID #44
  • Title: Teleoperaton Setup for Wire-Cutting Application in the Field
  • Authors: Brandon Peters (Presenter), Rodney Roberts, Carl Moore (USA)
14:00 Paper ID #45
  • Title: Modeling and Analysis of Quadrotor Using Sliding Mode Control
  • Authors: Ankit Patel (Presenter), Dhaval Vyas, Mahesh Patel (India)
14:20 Paper ID #46
  • Title: Hardware Configuration of Hexapod Robot to Force Feedback Control Development
  • Authors: Rafael Bachega (Presenter), A. B. Campo, Ricardo Pires (Brazil)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1406
14:40 p.m.

– 15:00 p.m.
Coffee Break
15:00 p.m.

– 16:20 p.m.
SA-3 Parallel Paper Session  – Computer Engineering II

Session chair: Dr. Vishwani Agrawal
15:00 Paper ID #53
  • Title: A Fault Tolerant Parallel-Prefix Adder for VLSI and FPGA Design
  • Authors: Chris Martinez, L. P. Deepthi Bollepalli, David Henry Hoe (Presenter) (USA)
15:20 Paper ID #21
  • Title: An Evaluation of CMOS Adders in Deep Submicron Processes
  • Authors: Rahul Jesuran Gera, David Henry Hoe (Presenter) (USA)
15:40 Paper ID #65
  • Title: All-Digital Replica Techniques for Managing Random Mismatch in Time-To-Digital Converters
  • Authors: Suraj Sindia (Presenter), Foster Dai, Vishwani Agrawal (USA)
16:00 Paper ID #12
  • Title: Compact Schemes in Application to Singular Reaction-Diffusion Equations
  • Author: Matthew Beauregard (Presenter) (USA)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1402
SB-3 Parallel Paper Session  – Signal and Image Processing II

Session chair: Dr. Ranjith Munasinghe
15:00 Paper ID #54
  • Title: Construction of Perspective Views from Panoramic Images of a Vision System That Uses a Hyperbolic Mirror
  • Authors: Ranjith Munasinghe (Presenter), Sunil Shantha Polmottawegedara, Asad Davari (USA)
15:20 Paper ID #17
  • Title: Desensitized Divided Difference Filtering for Induction Motor State Estimation
  • Authors: Chris Karlgaard (Presenter), Haijun Shen (USA)
15:40 Paper ID #60
  • Title: Parallel Multitarget Tracking Particle Filters Using Graphics Processing Unit
  • Authors: Jiande Wu (Presenter),Vesselin Jilkov (USA)
16:00 Paper ID #63
  • Title: Dispersion-Eigenvalue Determined Order and Sampling Period
  • Author: Sammie Giles (Presenter) (USA)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1404
SC-3 Parallel Paper Session – Robotics II

Session chair: Dr. Sami Khorbotly
15:00 Paper ID #56
  • Title: Coordinated Multi-Robot Exploration of a Building for Search and Rescue Situations
  • Authors: Steven Kibler, Dejan Raskovic (Presenter) (USA)
15:20 Paper ID #3
  • Title: A Camera-Based Target Tracking System for Football Playing Robots
  • Authors: Andrew Stephon, Sami Khorbotly (Presenter) (USA)
15:40 Paper ID #30
  • Title: Particle Filter Based Localization of the Nao Biped Robots
  • Authors: Ehsan Hashemi (Presenter), Maani Ghaffari Jadidi, Majid Lashgarian, Mohammad Shafiei Rezvani Nejad, Mostafa Yaghobi (Iran)
16:00 Paper ID #57
  • Title: Modeling Study of an Implantable Centrifugal Blood Pump Actuator with Redundant Sensorless Control
  • Authors: Tarcísio Leao (Presenter), Eduardo Bock, Jeison Fonseca, Aron Andrade, André Cavalheiro, Beatriz Uebelhart, José Cardoso, Ivan Chabu, A. B. Campo (Brazil)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1406
18:30 p.m.

– 20:30 p.m.
Banquet at Student Union Building West, University of North Florida

Bldg. 58W, Room 3703
Bldg. 58W,

Room 3703
Day 3 Tuesday, 13 March 2012 Location
8:00 a.m.

– 9:00 a.m.
Steering Committee Meeting (members only) Bldg. 50,

Room 3300
9:20 a.m.

– 11:00 a.m.
SA-4 Parallel Paper Session – Network and Sensors

Session chair: Dr. Alireza Babaei
9:20 Paper ID #61
  • Title: SCL: A Cross-Layer Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Authors: Min Zhang, Alireza Babaei (Presenter), Prathima Agrawal (USA)
9:40 Paper ID #39
  • Title: An Embedded TCP/IP Hard Core for Smart Grid Information and Communication Networks
  • Authors: Rami Amiri (Presenter), Omar Elkeelany (USA)
10:00 Paper ID #38
  • Title: Distributed Network Failure Recovery with Tie-Sets
  • Authors: Kiyoto Kadena (Presenter), Norihiko Shinomiya (Japan)
10:20 Paper ID #68
  • Title: HTG Prediction Algorithm for SoC Design
  • Authors: Ruei-Xi Chen (Presenter), Jian-Jyh Kao, Jeffrey Fan (Taiwan)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1402
SB-4 Parallel Paper Session – Power Systems

Session chair: Dr. Chiu Choi
9:20 Paper ID #1
  • Title: Dynamic Simulation of Cage Rotor Induction Machine-A Simplified and Modular Approach
  • Author: Omonowo David Momoh (Presenter) (USA)
9:40 Paper ID #2
  • Title: LabVIEW Based Automatic Paralleling of Synchronous Generator System
  • Authors: Omonowo David Momoh (Presenter), Nicholas Dykhuizen, Iskandar Hack, Gary Steffen, Samuel Loeffler (USA)
10:00 Paper ID #23
  • Title: Calculation of Mutual Inductance from Magnetic Vector Potential for Wireless Power-Transfer Applications
  • Authors: David Beams (Presenter), Sravan Annam (USA)
10:20 Paper ID #50
  • Title: Automated Analysis of Voltage and Current Waveforms During Faults
  • Authors: Wen Fan, Yuan Liao (Presenter) (USA)
10:40 Paper ID #40
  • Title: Impacts of Flickers, Harmonics and Faults on Synchronous Generator Operations
  • Authors: Wen Fan, Yuan Liao (Presenter) (USA)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1404
SC-4 Parallel Paper Session – Nonlinear Systems and Control

Session chair: Dr. Steven Gray
9:20 Paper ID #7
  • Title: A Hopf Algebra for Product Connections of Analytic Nonlinear Input-Output Systems
  • Author: W. Steven Gray (Presenter) (USA)
9:40 Paper ID #8
  • Title: On the Radius of Convergence of Mixed Cascades of Analytic Nonlinear Input-Output Systems
  • Author: Makhin Thitsa (Presenter), W. Steven Gray (USA)
10:00 Paper ID #58
  • Title: Performance Tests for a Micro-Integrator Algorithm Which Reduces the Numerical Butterfly Effect in Time Evolving Nonlinear Systems
  • Authors: Joshua Jemegbe, Ron Pieper (Presenter) (USA)
10:20 Paper ID #35
  • Title: Multi-Sensors and Multi-Actuators Based Information Scheduling for Gas Turbine Networked Control Systems
  • Authors: Jianhua Gao (Presenter), Yongbao Liu, Yingyu Huang (China)
Bldg. 50,

Room 1406
11:00 a.m. End of SSST 2012 Conference